Review: The Devil’s Lettuce – White Rabbit .5g Pre-Roll by Blue Roots Cannabis

The Devil’s Lettuce – White Rabbit .5g Pre-Roll by Blue Roots Cannabis

Clear Choice Cannabis – 8001 S Hosmer St, Tacoma, WA 98408

2 joints for $8. 1g total, .5 gram joints rolled in RAW hemp cones.

Medical Discount: Yes

Total THC:%21.25 Total CBD: %0

The smell was a really pungent, cheesy smell with strong earthy undertones. The terpenes that this flower gave off was unreal.

The taste was great, you don’t get much of the cheese in the taste but it’s a good earthy bud. It smoked very smooth and consistent.

It was rolled fairly tight so it did take a bit to get it to burn without running. The high came on fairly quickly and made me really relaxed. The label didn’t include a strain type but if I had to guess, I would assume this was an indica dominant strain.

It allieviates pain and lasted awhile. It’s nice that it comes with two joints in one package because it enabled me to medicate again easily after an hour. Due to the nice packaging, great bud, and taste. I will give it an overall score of 8/10.

If the high lasted longer and the joint burned without running, it would have raised the score.

This will be one that I go grab again!

Check out the full video review below!

One Love,

Big Marv

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