Review: The Clone Brothers – Sweet Tooth 1g Pre-Roll

The Clone Brothers – Sweet Tooth 1g Pre-Roll

Livewell Cannabis – 696 Hawthorne AVE NE, Salem, OR 97301

Price: $8.33

Medical: Yes (OR residents only)

Total THC: %18.83 Total CBD: %0.58

Full 1g in raw hemp cone with filter. Immediate sweet smell when you open the container. It burned nice and smooth and the sweet profile came along in every toke.

It’s a nice sativa, took less than 10 minutes to take effect. My joints and muscles became relaxed and it gave me a nice boost of energy to get through my work.

The sweet taste isn’t too overwhelming, it’s nice and mellow. It was harvested last October, so the bud was cured and rolled well. There was no harshness, it maintained the sweet floral taste for the entire joint.

The length of time that a joint burns is a good indicator as well, it burns nice and slow. Usually lower quality bud or joints full of shake will taste harsh and burn incredibly easy. Good job on this one Clone Brothers!

I’m going to give it an overall score of 9/10, the only reason it didn’t get a full 10 is because it was rolled so tight I had difficulty getting it to stay lit and burn without running. Best joint I’ve reviewed so far, keep up the good work guys!

Check out the full video review below!


One Love,
Big Marv

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