Review: Forbidden Farms – Candy Cone .75g Pre-Roll

Forbidden Farms – Candy Cone .75g
Bud rolled in oil and the joint has been rolled in kief.

Total THC 44%

$8.38 with Medical Discount

Natures Recreational Center – 3833 Pacific Ave Suite C, Tacoma, WA

Sativa joint with raw cone that burned clean and slow.

Good earthy bud with a sharp aged cheddar taste. The undertones of the earthy soil is nice, I feel like you get the full embodiment of the herb in the cone.

The high came fairly quick, instant energy that seemed to lube up my back. I primarily smoke for my bad sciatica and this did wonders for my back. I was able to work for a few more hours after smoking without getting tired.

It didn’t run at all, which is sometimes hard to find with pre-rolls. Typically they are cheap and not much care is given to them but this producer did a great job in packaging!

If you need a pick me up to get you through a rough day or through a project, this is the one! The focue was incredible.

The overall score I’m going to give it is 8/10. If it were a full gram joint at this price, it would have been 10/10.

Check out the video review below!

One Love,
Big Marv

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