Review: Aim High – 1g Presidential Kush Pre-Roll

Aim High – 1g Presidential Kush Pre-Roll
Raw cone paper with 1g flower.

Green & Golden: Aim High – Presidential Kush

Natural Blessing – 17024 Pacific Ave. South, Spanaway, WA

Price: $10

Medical Discount: Yes

Total THC: 24% THC-A: 26% CBD: 0.19%

Budtender: Ikeyla

Instant earthy aroma when you open the package, rolled well in a Raw cone.

While the smell was incredible, the taste was not. It was fairly harsh, periodically I would get an earthy bud taste but most of the joint tasted like bad outdoor crop.
The high took about 15 minutes to come and about an hour to go. It was a nice mellow high, relaxed my back and worked well for my stress. I’ll give that to the producers, it was medicinally fantastic.

After I burned past the middle of the joint, it started to run so I had to re-light it. It burned fairly smooth after that though. If I had to guess, these joints are made from the shake in the bottom of their big packages. That is typically the bud that is the dryest, tastes the worst, but still smokes well.

For the price, it isn’t worth it. It’s at the top of our $10 pre-roll budget and under performed. The dispensary is an awesome place though, they have a great discount program for their regulars.

Overall I am going to rate this joint a 4/10.

I will go back to Natural Blessing but this won’t be on my purchase list unless it’s on sale for half price!

Check out the full video review below!


One Love,

Big Marv

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